Triggering Hudson builds with Mercurial hooks - a variation

Ashlux writes about triggering Hudson builds with Mercurial hooks on his blog. The basic hook described is:

changegroup.hudson = curl http://hudson_url/job/project_name/build?delay=0sec

I use this technique as well a lot with two refinements:

  1. I use polling instead of build. So the url is http://hudson_url/job/project_name/polling. This will poll your Mercurial repository and only if something really changed, the build will be triggered.
  2. Instead of setting up authentication I always use the TOKEN approach described on Remote access API, so the url gets http://hudson_url/job/project_name/polling?token=TOKEN

Using tokens you do not need to submit any authentication information. Bitbucket offers a POST service which you may use instead of the aforementioned hook. Github offers a similar service.

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