Publishing a Maven site having jacoco reports at Github's gh-pages.

When converting one of my pet projects from Cobertura to Jacoco I stumbled upon some small nuisance when publishing the site as a gh-page with the maven-scm-publish-plugin:

  • Jacoco creates it's needed resources (images, javascript, css) in a directory called .resources, note the dot at the start.
  • Now while the resources were successfully pushed to the gh-pages branch, they were missing afterwards in the published site firstly.
  • I found the solution in a help article called Files that start with an underscore are missing.
  • It seems, directories or files starting with a dot are not published as well.
  • So the solution was quite simple: in the shell script I use for publishing the site I added a line which will touch a file called .nojekyll as suggested in the help article before invoking the maven-scm-publish-plugin and it worked :-)
Update: I had written an email to github before I just tried the .nojekyll solution and received an answer quite promptly, jekyll/site.rb has more explanations.

Update 2: instead of touching .nojekyll you may add src/site/resources/.nojekyll in your project as outlined in Adding Extra Resources of the maven-site-plugin documentation.

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